Professor S. Lloyd, MSc (Elect-Eng), MBA, Ph.D.- Tech Edu., has more than 30 years experience in Teaching & Educational Administration. He is also an author of various books in Technical Education. He has lectured on Science and Technology and Industrial Management in USA, UK, Greece, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia. He used his lifetime research and experience to establish an international education system now known as West Coast Education System. He is also a Member of the European Association for International Education (EAIE), International Educators (NAFSA) and American Association for Higher Education (AAHE) and Institute of Global Education (IGE), which has special consultative status with ESCSOC, United Nations. He is also honorary fellow of the Australian Asian Institute of Civil Leadership.

H.E. Dr. Salvance Jacob, Ambassador of International Human Rights Commission Geneva, Switzerland (Africa Region Headquarter) holds Doctorate degree in education management. He is also Lawyer and deals with issues of educational, intuitional and legal affairs. As the vice president of West Coast University he overseas international affairs of the University and related legal issues. He is authorized to act as president of West Coast University in the absence of President.

Professor Dr Robert Alonso Sosa Dental Surgeon and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Major areas of Interests are education, dental surgery and oral infections in small animal medicine, veterinary internal medicine, animal infectious diseases and aquatic animals/biology. Studied at The Universidad Central del Este (Dominican Republic), New York University (New York), University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA), Rochville University School of Veterinary Medicine (U.A.E.), Atlantic International University (Honolulu, HI) and Bircham International University (Madrid, Spain). Began his practice as Robert Alonso Sosa, DDS, DVM at Dr. Robert Alonso Sosa & Associates in the United States and Dominican Republic. In 1990, He was made Clinical Assistant Professor with the departments of Dental Medicine, Pediatrics, and Otolaryngology at New York Medical College in Valhalla, New York. In research, he published papers on the “Oral Microflora on HIV+ Children” and a “Comparison study between the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, Feline Leukemia, and Equine Infectious Anemia”. Dr. Sosa also made presentations at the Italian Congress of Infectious Diseases (91), Dominican Congress of Animal Infectious Diseases (2007, 2011). He is the Chairman of WCU Department of Agriculture, Animal Sciences & Veterinary Medicine. He is the Chairman of WCU Department of Agriculture and Animal Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine. He also serves as the Rector of West Coast University along with his other academic responsibilities.

Dr Mohamed Gamal Kafafy holds a PhD in Engineering & Technology Management, MSc and BSc in Mechanical Engineering with honor. As well as Certifications such as: Certified Quality Director, Certified HR Consultant, Certified Arbitration Judge and Certified Management Consultant (CMC). Also, He holds fellowships of the: Royal Institute, World Association of Doctorate Degree Holders, American Academy of Project Management, Swiss Institute of Management, DTMSI, Chartered Institute of Management & Leadership, American Association of Higher Education, and Institute of Management Consultants (FIMC) In December 2010 Dr. Mohamed Kafafy received the US President’s Award from the Corporation for National & Community Service (CNCS) and the President Barack Obama. Dr. Mohamed G. Kafafy has an international reputation as a Seminar Leader and Consultant in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Business Management, Supply Chain, HR and Corporate Development & Governance. With over 20 years of experience, he offers both an academic and practical approach to Engineering and Business, through his operational and managerial experience in different industries and as an Academician, Trainer, and Consultant of several academic and professional bodies around the world

Prof Bashiru Aremu, Vice President WCU International Affairs and Professor of Computer Science and Information Technology at Faculty of Computer Science and Technology of West Coast University, He is also in Charge Official International Consultancy Unit for West Coast University at Africa Information Technology Consultancy Regd.: Professor AREMU BASHIRU, Holds Post Doc., D Sc, B Sc, FATIICS, MACM, Snr. MIACSIT, MSTAN, MCSTA, Doctoral Fellow OAEBAN,FIASR, He is Registrar General and Co-founder of International Academy for Science and Research England and Wales ,He has been a Lecturer in College of Education, Polytechnics and Universities in Nigeria and Africa as well Visiting Professor at Africa International Institute for Professional Training and Research at London, England and Wales. He is Director of External Affairs, ICT and Consultancy Unit at Africa International Institute for Professional Training and Research at International level. He has been serving at International level for Adam Smith University of America and Africa International Institute for Professional Training and Research. He is a Director, External Affairs of Institute of Chartered Administrator and Researchers of Nigeria. He is and Author and Editor of Books and Journals on Computer Science, Information Technology, Wireless Communications Network, Management Sciences.

Professor Dr Pablo Pereda Gonzalez. Surgeon and anthropologist. Specialist in Biology and Medicine of the Sport & Physical Education. Studied with University of Bordeaux (France), University of Barcelona (Spain). He developed his work since 1983 as Dr Pereda Clinic. As a teacher has developed academic work since 1999 under agreement with the University of Valladolid. Reviewer of texts in the Faculty of Sciences of the physical activity and sport in University of León. He has reviewed many works in this aspect. His medical works have been published in different magazines and national and international medical journals. He had been director of the Sports Technification Centre of the autonomous community of La Rioja. As a researcher has presented papers on rehabilitation of persons with disabilities through physical activity in the scientific conferences of Barcelona 92, Atlanta96 and Sydney 2000, as well as its proposed inclusive in the International Congress at the University of Illinois in Chicago (USA) (2011).Its proposed therapeutic to train technicians in them were recognized by the World Health Organization in 1996.In the years 2003 and 2004 was official candidate for the alternative Nobel Prize for his research on the improvement of the quality of life for diminished physicists in disadvantaged populations. It has four national awards to the sports merit. He received the Golden Book of the International Olympic Committee by Excmo Sr D Juan Antonio Samaranch (1920-2010) IO President. Writer with more than twenty published titles and received the award of the Bell Foundation of anthropological novel. As a playwright he has written four successful plays have been performed, all of them with great success of critics and audiences. His last work “when eyes shine” was adapted for the blind so it received the title of Doctor Honoris Causa by Harris University (USA). Successful artist has exhibited his work in various art galleries. In his sporting side, is one of the most renowned teachers of Budo today by giving the Karate-Do academic rigor, using it as a method of health and anthropological study to rescue the To-De as a discipline of knowledge. For his work holds many awards from schools around the world. He is in possession of the title Meijin and is 10th Dan karate and Ju-Jitsu. He now serves as the Rector of the Spain Campus of the West Coast University.

Prof Dr Massimo Pultrone is a distinguish diplomat and an outstanding educational administrator. He holds PhD in International Law, PhD in Educational Administration, and PhD in Christian Theology. He also holds many specialized diplomas in politics and related subjects from famous universities. Dr Pultrone is honored as Knight of the Royal Confraternity of St. John Baptist and Evangelist, Knight of Malta in Catanzaro aggregates in the Basilica of S. John in Lateran Rome and recognized by the Vatican and by the king of Spain. ADMIRAL Honorary of the Great Navy of the State of Nebraska, Cross of Merit of the church Orthodox Assyrian Chaldean in Western Europe.

Dr. Hajer Melki is the Rector of West Coast University Tunisia and Middle East. Dr. Hajer Melki is a Ph.D. in Animal Products and Forage. Previously She was Quality Control in Sit El Kul Ariana, Head of the World Organization for Environment, Development and Human Rights Branch in Teboulba Munastir & Head of the World Organization for Environment, Development and Human Rights Branch in Ariana.

H.E.Dr. Tivlumun Innocent Ahure is rector of West coast university(WCU) in the African region. H.E Dr. Tivlumun Innocent Ahure, the Ambassador-at-Large, Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary of the African Region HQ of the International Human Rights Commission is renowned for conducting extensive activities in the African continent through human rights disciplines and constantly expanding general human rights education in Africa. He also urges thousands of activists to take part in human rights activities on the African continent.

He is an Foreign Affairs expert with several publications on public and human rights laws and internatinal human rights instruments. These laws and instruments cover the promotion and protection of the rights of the people which keeps governments on their toes, especially regarding respecting fundamental human rights of citizens. He has a Masters Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy and obtained a Ph.D in Conflicts Management including academic certificates from prestigious professional institutions and Intergovernmental Organizations on disciplines of Development Cooperation Establishment and Economic Programmes focusing on Trade and Investment, Technology transfer, Health, Education, Peace and Security. He has concurrent accreditations as Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) and the Non Aligned Movement (NAM) of the Sovereign State of Southern Cherokee Nation and the Red Fire People.

Mr Amanullah Khan Paracha graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 1974 from NED University, Karachi-Pakistan and Completed his masters from France with specialized in Hydraulics. He started his own Mechanical & Electrical Company in Abu Dhabi, UAE in 1977 and since than has completed many projects including power houses, central air conditioning & oil refinery works. He is also running steel re-rolling and steel melting industry in Pakistan and has also serves as the CEO of a Financial Consulting firm which provides projects funding from world top banks. He also runs Money Exchange Company in Pakistan with associates all over the world. He was awarded the highest Civil Award by the President of Korea twice. He was Chairman of Banking & Insurance Committee, Law & Order Committee & Lives Stock & Fisheries of Chamber of Commerce & Industries-Pakistan. He is publishing two news papers in Pakistan & abroad. Mr Paracha also serves as the President of Human Rights Foundation of Pakistan that is affiliated to United Nations and has represented Pakistan in UNO several times. He believes in internationalization of quality education /training in Professional Development & Vocational skills to kill poverty and hunger from the developing nations.

Professor Hardeep Singh Sandhu has spent the last 30 years in the field of adult and lifelong learning. He is the founder of a number of professional bodies and private higher education institutions and currently serves as the President of the Governing Council. His mission is to impart skills and knowledge in an affordable manner and creates educational opportunities that are accessible to even the poorest nation. He strives to bring transnational education that places high integrity on creativity and innovation, to the doorsteps of people via a unique transnational model which operates on a collegiate system worldwide. In view of his outstanding contribution to the field of adult and lifelong education, Professor Sandhu has been awarded numerous prestigious awards and recognition worldwide. He has been awarded the Commander of the Order of Belgium by the Gerontium World Order of the European Academy of Informatisation, an award that recognises leadership qualities in the field of Education. He has also been bestowed a Full Professorship by Faculty on Award of Scientific Degree and Ranks, and also a Grand Doctor of Philosophy by the European Academy of Information, established by Royal decree in Belgium. In recognizing of his tireless contribution to the education industry and fine management skills, he has received the Award of Excellence in Education from the Worshipful Mayor of London. Recently, Professor Sandhu has been granted a Scientist Pass and Gold Medal from the Intergovernmental Higher Academic Council based in St Petersburg, Russian.

Dr Amir Hossein Zalaghi, Chairman WCU-Faculty of Physical Education & Martial Arts. Dr Zalaghi is one of the outstanding personality in the world of martial arts & Physical Education. Dr Zalaghi holds PhD in Physical Education with more than one dozen international awards in martial arts and appreciation certificates. He is a fully qualified & trained Instructor of physical education and known coach of martial arts. He is the chairman of two international foundations of martial arts and patron of many foundations that are teaching institutions of self-defence. He brings a wealth of experience to act as the Chairman of WCU Faculty of Physical Education & Martial Arts

Mr Qamar S Lloyd, also known as Quinn Lloyd is a Registrar Administration & Coordinator for IT Studies. Mr. Qamar S. Lloyd (known as Quinn Lloyd) is a BCS, M.S., (InfoTech.), and MCSE. He is an Administrative Registrar of West Coast University and is responsible for managing student registration data and also supervises the WCU courses related to Computer Science and Information Technology. He also monitors quality control of WCU and all approved affiliated colleges.

Mr Kanwal S Lloyd, also known as Keith Lloyd is a ICAO approved Commercial Pilot License holder. He also holds nationally accredited Diploma in Management from Australia also holds degree of Bachelor in Business Administration and Master in Business Administration with major in International Business Management. He is practical person wishing to gain excellence in all walks of life, apart from his responsibility to serves as the personal assistant to the President of WCU Panama. Keith Lloyd also serves as the Registrar of European Region of the West Coast University Panama.

Dr Geoffrey Ong received his undergraduate and post graduate studies in Canada and is a PhD in Martial Arts from WCU. Dr Ong also has a Tom Hopkins Sales & Marketing Diploma as a businessman for over 35 years. Dr Ong is also a martial artist, he holds a 9th Dan in Taekwondo as a Grandmaster in Taekwondo. Dr Ong established the WCU center in Canada and is responsible in the overall advisory to the WCU President with key duties and responsibilities in promoting WCU as a Distant Learning Academic Solution Provider

Dr Peter Lau, BCom, DMS (UK), MA. (USA), PhD (UK). Fellow of Chartered Institute of Marketing (FCIM); Fellow of Chartered Management Institute (FCMI); Chartered Member of Institute of Logistics and Transport (CMILT); has 25 years experience of training and consultancy in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Republic of China in the disciplines of HRM, OB, HRD, Marketing, logistics & General Management. He has huge industrial working experience. He is a Founder President of Asia Pacific Enterprise Management Association and now serves as the Dean of Studies of West Coast University for Asia Region.

Dr Frank Lo is PhD in ‘Education of WCU’ and MA, Minnesota State University (MSU). He is founder of Solo International Education Institute, and is Chairman of Culture & Education Association, Hsinchu, Taiwan. Dr. Frank has more than 15 years of experience in conducting and managing Higher Education.

Mr Arvind Kumar Sharma holds Bachelor of Commerce and MBA degrees from UP India and serves as the Managing Director of Rathi Agrotech Private Limited & Indian Mandate of Global Financial Consultants Inc. He is the President of CCSGROUPS.NET. He is a well known international personality as the Deputy Ambassador-Designate and the Resident Representative of International Organization for Economic Development for the Union of Myanmar, General Secretary-Society for Networking, Empowerment & Holistic Action, Registered with NCT Delhi India that is registered & approved with United Nation, Executive Vice President of World-wide Funding Network (Funding Arm of UN’s International Organization for Economic Development) & the Resident Representative of Intergovernmental Organization for Educational Development. He has been elected as a member of WCU Management Council.