• Licensed & accredited by CCLP Worldwide Education Charter International
  • Consorcio Universitario Euro Americano, Spain.
  • Accreditation Syndicate for Education & Training, England & Wales, U.K.
  • Quality Assurance Commission, United Kingdom.
  • Institutional member of the ACBSP-recognized by CHEA, US Department of Education.
  • International Accreditation Organization (IAO) Houston USA
  • Equivalency & Validation by California University FCE

The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP): West Coast University (WCU) Panama is an Institutional Member of this accreditation council ACBSP. It is a leading specialized accreditation association for business education supporting, celebrating, and rewarding teaching excellence. The association embraces the virtues of teaching excellence and emphasizes to students that it is essential to learn how to learn. ACBSP acknowledges the importance of scholarly research and inquiry and believes that such activities facilitate improved teaching. Institutions are strongly encouraged to pursue a reasonable mutually beneficial balance between teaching and research. And further, ACBSP encourages faculty involvement within the contemporary business world to enhance the quality of classroom instruction and to contribute to student learning. In accordance with the 2006 CHEA Recognition Policy and Procedures (#38, pp. 15- 16), the ACBSP is recognized for the scope of recognition: ACBSP accredits business, accounting, and business-related programs at the associate, baccalaureate, master, and doctorate degree levels worldwide. ACBSP is recognized by US Education Department.

International Accreditation Organization (IAO): WEST COAST UNIVERSITY PANAMA has been approved by the Evaluation Commission of International Accreditation Organization (IAO) as a member Institution of Higher Education and as an eligible candidate for accreditation. IAO’s International Accreditation represents an institution’s commitment to delivering quality education which is on a par with the global standards. IAO grants accreditation through a unique and patented Points Profile System. The Points Profile System works as a general basis of evaluation for any education provider.. It assures the institute’s students that their degrees and credits will have increased acceptability around the world. IAO headquarter is based in Houston, USA. The National Commission for University Evaluation and Accreditation (CONEAU) has co-branded with IAO to ensure promotion and implementation of quality education all across Argentina. CONEAU is a decentralized agency that operates under the Ministry of National Education, Argentina. IAO and Higher Education Quality Evaluation Centre HEQEC signed a memorandum of co-operation to work for the promotion of quality education in Latvia. Higher Education Quality Evaluation Centre, Latvia, is aimed to promote development of higher education in Republic of Latvia; and improve quality, affectivity and accessibility of higher education to all interested parties. Department of Adult & Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Bhutan (QAAD) has entered into partnership with IAO to monitor and evaluate educational schools and programs in the Bhutan region

Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) based in Chicago USA has recently accredited West Coast University (WCU) Panama and granted international member Status. CAEL sets the standard for quality in Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) and best practices for adult learning programs. CAEL focuses on expanding lifelong learning opportunities for adults by advancing experiential learning and its assessment through joint ventures with higher education, industry, and labour unions.

WEST COAST UNIVERSITY (WCU) PANAMA – Department of Sociology is a collective member of the International Sociology Association (ISA) based in Madrid- Spain The ISA was founded in 1949 under UNESCO and it has about 4,500 individual and 45 collective members, hailing from 167 countries. Its purpose is to “represent sociologists everywhere, regardless of their school of thought, scientific approaches or ideological opinion” and its objective is to “advance sociological knowledge throughout the world”. Along with the Institut International de Sociologie (IIS), it is seen as a world leading international sociological organization. ISA is a member of the International Social Science Council with the status of the Non-Governmental Organization in formal associate relations with UNESCO and special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations

WEST COAST UNIVERSITY (WCU) PANAMA is now recognized by Chartered Institute of Management and Leadership – USA.

WEST COAST UNIVERSITY (WCU) PANAMA – Chairman of the Department of Sociology is also a member of the European Sociological Association (ESA) based in Paris-France. ESA is an academic association of sociologists and a non-profit Europe-wide association that aims to facilitate sociological research, teaching and communication on European issues, and to give sociology a voice in European affairs. ESA is an academic association of sociologists and a non-profit

WEST COAST UNIVERSITY (WCU) PANAMA- Faculty of Physical Education & Martial Arts is now an associate member with the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education .(ICSSPE) based in Berlin, Germany. , ICSSPE serves as a permanent advisory body to UNESCO and regularly conducts research and other projects on behalf of this United Nations agency. ICSSPE has a long tradition of co-operation with the world’s leading sport body. The IOC and ICSSPE have recently agreed to update their existing agreement and to work even more closely in the future. ICSSPE collaborate with the WHO in the area of physical activity and health promotion. ICSSPE maintain close links through ex-officio representation on each courses are independently accredited at a level of learning equivalent to at least level 3 on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) for England, Wales and Northern Ireland (in which GCSEs are at levels 1 and 2 and A-Levels are at level 3).

West Coast University (WCU) Panama is now an accredited member institution of “Consorcio Universitario EuroAmericano”, Spain. The International Council of CCLP Worldwide has signed the treaty of academic, cultural and technical co-operation with one of the largest consortium of Universities in Spain and Europe having presence in Latin America “University Consortium Euroamerican” (CUE). UMM congressionally granted full authority to WCU to issue certificates, diplomas, higher diplomas, Associate Degrees, Bachelor, Master and PhD as an autonomous, internationally accredited by the International Parliament. Publicado a la(s) 10/05/2011 14:01 por C.U.E. It is a registered NGO participant of United Nations Global Compact and has applied for Consultative Status with both United Nations Economic Council (ECOSOC) and UNESCO. CCLP Worldwide has been admitted as full member of both the Indian and Nigeria Networks of the UN Global Compact and the Conference of Non-governmental organizations. CCLP Worldwide has been admitted as Global NGO Participants of UN Global Compact from four Countries- Nigeria, India, Germany and Ghana.

California University Foreign Credential Evaluator (CUFCE) certifies the credits earned at WCU to be equivalent to any other nationally and regionally accredited colleges and universities of United States of America. CUFCE is recognized by US Department of Education with EROD Unique ID 7499 and has got grant of status of accredited institution by American Association of Higher Education and Accreditation

The IHRC Human Rights Education Federation

This body was established and registered under the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC), relying on the provision of article chapter 2(f) of the IHRC charter signed on 23rd December 2003 at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva. The IHRC Human Rights Education Federation is for accreditation of training in Human Rights Education activities in line with the provision of the IHRC charter. However, the IHRC Human Rights Education Federation is governed by its own statutes and regulations, but remains an integral of the IHRC.

It is also operated as an autonomous college and it selects its own students both undergraduate and postgraduate students through the IHRC Coordinators/Special Envoys duly appointed by the IHRC Geneva office. As at today, the IHRC Human Rights Education Federation, is among the leading and independent associations providing accreditation, certifications and training programs across many industry sectors to complement the continuing educational and professional development policies of professional institutes and academic bodies. The accreditation and certification that this body provides are primarily focused to give recognition, credibility and to acknowledge that the accredited institution provides high academic status of international repute.

Accreditation with IHRC Human Rights Education Federation provides an opportunity to the academic institutions and education providers to demonstrate their abilities and commitment to maintaining their programs’ quality and to ensure that their programs are known for meeting the required professional academic level and meet International quality standards set by International Human Rights Diplomats. The IHRC is greatly desirous that it ensures the providers of continuing education and training in Human Rights disciplines have the ability to provide high-quality instruction by following the IHRC Human Rights Education Federation Standards for continuing education and training programs through a rigorous accreditation process.

The conditions of the IHRC Human Rights Education Federation for accreditation leave no one in doubt that the educational institution whose Human Rights courses gets accreditation from the IHRC has gained both professionalism and recognition, with the best international standards. Indeed the accreditation from the IHRC secures a status that tells the world that the accredited institution passed through a rigorous accreditation application and review process, involving extensive hands-on evaluation and verification exercises.