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West Coast University (WCU) Panama is a Higher Professional and Research Organization incorporated in the Republic of Panama and Costa Rica Central America with International Coordination Offices in USA and Canada. As a Distant Learning Academic Solution Provider, WCU Panama is academic institution offering Professional & Vocational Trainings and Higher Education through various educational accreditation systems internationally. Through its affiliated Colleges/Centers, WCU Panama offers, teaches and confers Certificates, Diplomas, Associate Degrees, Bachelor Degrees, Master Degrees and Doctorate Degrees to candidates who successfully pursue and qualify for these Credentials/Awards. in Professional & Vocational disciplines WCU has been granted by International Accreditation bodies with full authority to grant Certificates, Diplomas, Associate Degrees, Bachelor Degrees, Master and Doctorate degrees as an Autonomous University.


The vision of WCU Panama started with the “West Coast Institute of Management & Technology (WCIMT)”, which was established in 1996 at Perth, Western Australia by Trust Fund of a Christian family, “S. Lloyd Family Trust”, to provide Vocational and Professional Educational Services at National and International Level under Christian mission and vision of preaching, teaching and doing good works. The institute was a registered and accredited training 

institution, accredited by the Training Accreditation Council (TAC) of the Training Department of the Government of Western Australia as an academic solution provider, and was listed on the “Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses ” (CRICOS), which provides accredited courses to local and overseas students up to Graduate Diploma Level. WCIMT International Department has since established a chain of affiliated colleges/centers in many developing nations. Due to severe heart stroke and poor health of President & Principal of WCIMT, the management voluntarily decided to de-register accreditation WCIMT-National Department in March 2002 with Western Australia Training Accreditation Council (TAC). Although the accreditation was still valid till April 2004, however WCU International Department continued serving its students community outside Australia for which the ICDE quality department accredited WCIMT’s international departments to offer tertiary degree programs. WCIMT does not conduct physical teaching of courses but serves as international Educational consultants/solution providers to develop courses and curricula in higher education for International universities.

In 2004, the trustees decided to develop another “educational outreach program” to use the WCMIT infrastructure to establish West Coast University in a favorable Christian Country on the recommendations from members of International Academic Council. West Coast University was then incorporated at Panama City, under article 19 of law 32 of 1927. The word “West Coast” does have an historical background in Panama. West Coast University, although based in Panama but serves as an autonomous global university, offering higher education in professional and vocational disciplines to minimize unemployment in the world. WCU courses are being taught as “On-campus studies” by over 40 worldwide affiliated colleges/centers in over 20 countries/regions taught by some experienced lecturers/instructors/professors & professionals. WCU e-Learning portal offers 7000 subjects and 200 courses. WCU e-Learning associate portals are based in the United Kingdom & Spain for the students of both developed and developing countries.

University’s Legal Status:


West Coast University (WCU) is incorporated in the Republic of Panama, Central America, under clause 19 of Law 32 of 1927 of Panamanian law, as a Global University which offers academic and professional courses in Higher Education through accredited Distance Education Methodologies. West Coast University as a Global University offers academic and vocational degree programs internationally. WCU has been granted International Accreditations conveying full authority to WCU to grant Certificates, Diplomas, Associate Degrees, Bachelor Degrees, Master and Doctorate degrees as an Autonomous Academic Institution.


Real-estate Management, Construction Management, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Warehousing and Material Management., Industrial Management, Purchasing & Supply Management, Printing & Publishing, Physical Education & Martial Arts, Security & Defense, Information Technology, Management, BBA, MBA, Engineering & Technology Natural Medication, Applied Sciences, Clinical Research, Commerce, Arts, Media Technologies, Finance, Insurance, Journalism,  Theology, Biblical studies, Social Services and many more. Programs available at Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate (Bachelor), Postgraduate (Master), Doctorate, and Post Doctorate levels.

On-campus Studies: 

WCU is now present globally through its colleges/centers in United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Taiwan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, UAE, South Africa, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Costa Rica, Peru, Ghana, Haiti and many more are under process of affiliation.

On-line Studies: 

Along with our registered portals, WCU now has over 7000 subjects run across internationally around the globe. By obtaining global partnerships with the top companies and authors, WCU tries to provide self-study courses via distant learning with open enrollment in nearly every subject imaginable.